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We are adept at supporting early-stage companies, and investors providing impartial and comprehensive research and financial analysis.

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Our team, originating from Canada, operates a boutique investment research firm based in Croatia, specializing in problem-solving for unique client needs and strategic ambitions on a global scale. We are adept at supporting early-stage companies, providing impartial and comprehensive research and financial analysis. Our services, essential for investors and companies navigating complex industries, include a tailored mix of Competitive and Market Analysis, Business Strategy Development, Risk and Due Diligence Assessment, among others. Catering to a diverse clientele, we focus on crafting solutions that address the challenges of new markets and investment opportunities.

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Founder / President

Daniel Nikic

Research Associate

Kristina Ivancic

Our Services

Your Tailored Investment Solutions from Cohres


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Market Reports


  • Business Plans
  • Business Strategies
  • Risk Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Management

Financial Analysis

  • Financial Plans
  • Data Analysis
  • Valuations
  • Forecasts

A desktop investment data platform that is bridging innovation and investment in CEE, SEE & Baltic Regions.

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